Be careful what you buy for sowing!

As every year, during the period of increased demand for seed of winter varieties, we remind you to be careful when purchasing seeds for sowing purposes.
According to the current national and Community regulations, for sowing varieties protected by the exclusive right, farmers may only use:

  • certified seed bearing an official label, or
  • farm-saved seed, remembering to pay the Breeder’s fee for the so-called agricultural exemption (FSS fee).

Sowing purchased non-certified seeds of a variety protected with PBR (e.g. fodder, consumption or other non-sowing seeds) constitutes an infringement of the exclusive right, which results in sanctions and a claim for damages.


The exclusive right also violates the offer or sale of non-certified material for sowing. The marketing of non-certified seed material for sowing purposes also violates the provisions of the Act of 9 November 2012 on seed production. Anyone who wants to trade sowing material should therefore register with the Plant Health And Seed Inspection (PIORiN) and obtain a license from the Breeder whose variety he will sell. Importantly, these regulations apply to both conventional and organic agricultural production!


We would like to remind you and emphasize that random sellers at the market or on the Internet usually do not have the authorization to legally sell sowing material. The seeds or seed potatoes they offer have not been officially tested and qualified for marketing as certified seed, so farmers cannot be sure of either their quality or whether the information in the offer is true. When buying such sowing material, a farmer will not receive an invoice, which means that he will not be able to file a complaint in the event of problems with cultivation, or apply for de minimis payments.


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