Only licensees (seed companies) are authorized to produce seed material of protected varieties; they operate on the basis of a written license agreement, concluded with the breeder who holds the exclusive right to a given plant variety (or varieties).

When the sowing season ends, the licensee makes settlements with the breeder in accordance to the license agreement and pays royalties to this breeder.

Licensees may cooperate with growers, granting them a sublicense for production of seed or seed potatoes of a given variety.

All plantation as well as the material harvested there shall be placed under multistage control by Main Inspectorate of Plant Health And Seed Inspection (Państwowa Inspekcja Ochrony Roślin i Nasiennictwa – PIORiN), from field inspections, throuhg laboratory analysis, varietal purity and identity, to evaluation of external characteristics.

Only the material that has successfully passed all the checks, shall be admitted by PIORiN to trading as certified seed.

Agencja Nasienna carries out controls to check correctness of realization of license agreements concluded by breeders with seed companies on production and trading of seed material.


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