Do not delay your FSS fee!

In accordance with national and Community legislation, one of the conditions for recognizing the sowing of material from an own harvest (farm-saved seed) of a PBR protected variety as a legal agricultural exemption is the timely payment of the fee to the breeder who holds the exclusive right to that variety.

The FSS fee is not high – it amounts to only 50% of the royalty.

The statutory deadlines for the payment of the FSS fee are as follows:
– for varieties protected at national level (Attachments no. 1 and 2): 30 days from the date of sowing,
– for varieties protected at Community level (Attachments no. and 4): immediately after sowing than by 30 June of the marketing year in which the sowing took place.

Lists of varieties (Attachments no. 1-4) are available for download here.

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We would like to remind you that sowing or planting farm-saved seed of a variety protected with PBR without timely payment of the FSS fee constitutes an infringement of the exclusive right and results in the necessity to pay a compensation claim in the amount of a multiple of the royalty.
So if you are in arrears with payment of the FSS fees, please fill them up immediately. The arrears that are revealed by our auditor during the control on a farm will be legally considered an infringement of the exclusive right and will be subject to compensation.

Information on the use of the agricultural exemption can be provided in any written form: by traditional mail or e-mail, using the auxiliary AGNAS form, or on-line, via the Agn@s platform.

FSS fee