Lecture for students of the University of Life Sciences

Continuing cooperation with Poznań University of Life Sciences, at the invitation of the University professor, dr hab. Katarzyna Panasiewicz, from the Faculty of Agronomy, Horticulture and Bioengineering, we have prepared classes for fifth-year students studying agriculture.

Ms. Monika Kawczyńska, the auditor of Agencja Nasienna Sp. z o.o., gave a lecture entitled “Plant breeding as the best investment in agriculture.” The students had the opportunity to learn about the mission and tasks of breeders’ organization in the context of plant breeding, the structure of farms in Poland and Europe, and the directions of agricultural development. During the workshop, they learned about the obligations and privileges of farmers and the regulations concerning the exclusive right of a breeder to a variety.

We would like to thank professor dr hab. Katarzyna Panasiewicz for the invitation, and the participants of our classes for their engagement and excellent atmosphere.