Watch out for non-certified seed!

Traditionally, in the season of increased seed demand, we remind you how to avoid infringement of the exclusive right (PBR) by purchasing seeds for sowing:

  • Do not purchase non-certified seed for sowing
    In this case, the PBR is violated by both parties of the transaction – both the seller and the farmer who sows such seed. If the material you buy does not have an official label, it will be illegal to sow it, even though the seller offered it as suitable for sowing. In order to legally market seed or seed potatoes, the seller must be registered with the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health And Seed Inspection (PIORiN) as an entity trading in seeds and have a written license from the holder of PBR to the variety sold.
    Attention! Even the fact of offering of non-certified material for sowing infringes the exclusive right.
  • Do not purchase feed or consumer seed for sowing
    It is popular to purchase for sowing cheaper feed material from a random seller on the Internet or at a marketplace, as well as the so-called “neighborhood exchange”. The risk of infringement of PBR is then almost 100%. Ignorance of the name of the variety or use of the material thus acquired only for catch crops, greening or for organic production does not justify the infringement of the exclusive right.

Pursuant to the regulations in force, only certified seed or farm-saved seed from your own harvest should be used for sowing, remembering to pay the FSS fee to the Breeder on time.

non-certified seed