Illegal trade in sowing material

The use of certified seed by Polish farmers is one of the lowest in the European Union, which results in reduction of the competitiveness of domestic agriculture on the European market. This state of affairs is largely influenced by the illegal trade in sowing material. As every year at this time, we remind you to be careful when purchasing seed or seed potatoes for sowing. In accordance with the regulations in force, only certified seed, marked with an official label, or material from the farmer’s own harvest shall be used for sowing, bearing in mind the FSS fee due to the Breeder.


Random sellers at marketplaces or online stock markets usually do not have the authorization to sell seed or seed potatoes for sowing (they are not entered in the register of entities trading in seed, which is kept by he Main Inspectorate of Plant Health And Seed Inspection (PIORiN) and they haven’t got a license from the Breeder). The material that they offer has not been officially tested and certified as sowing, so the farmer cannot be sure of its quality or whether all the data in the offer is true.


We would like to remind you that both the offer and sale for sowing of non-certified material of a variety protected by PBR, and the sowing of the material thus acquired, constitute an infringement of PBR and are subject to civil law sanctions. Moreover, the marketing of material not certified for sowing purposes violates the provisions of the Act on seed production of November 9, 2012.