Information about AGN@S

The online platform Agn@s is an auxiliary tool for farmers to make settlements for using farm-saved seed with the breeders associated in Agencja Nasienna Sp. z o.o. It allows farmers to provide us with FSS information online, as well as to download the e-invoice. Moreover, the users of Agn@s platform receive e-mail notifications of possibility of making settlement for a given season of sowing or, that their e-invoice is already available to download. They can also contact Agencja Nasienna via platform Agn@s.

To get acces to Agn@s platform please follow these steps:

  1. fill and send to Agencja Nasienna the request for account creation form (in paper or scan attached to e-mail message). To download the request form, please click the button  “Get access to AGN@S” on homepage.
    Please note the form is available only in Polish language version.
  2. receive the e-mail from Agencja Nasienna that includes your login and password of initial logging
  3. after logging into the platform please follow instructions provided there

If you have any question, feel free to contact the platform administrator: phone +48 65 529 31 61 ext. 21 (from 8:30 to 15:00, Monday to Friday) or e-mail: