Agencja Nasienna, the breeders’ organization with its registered office in Leszno, has the right to request a farmer to provide information on the use of FSS. For this purpose, on behalf of the breeders that we represent, our Agencja Nasienna regularly sends, to different groups of farmers, requests for information, together with the AGNAS forms, the purpose of which is to facilitate the provision of information. In accordance with the legal regulations, a written response to such a request is mandatory (the farmers are obliged to answer above-mentioned requests by filling in the AGNAS form by post or via e-mail) even if, in a given season/year:

  • they did not grow any protected plant varieties;
  • they did not use FSS but only certified seed;
  • they do not know the names of varieties sown;
  • they did not cultivated any crops at all.

who should fill agnas form

Should you have any doubts regarding the way and scope of provision the information, please look up the FAQs or contact Agencja Nasienna by phone.